The Big Treehouse Early Education and Boutique Preschool offering care for children aged from 2-6 years in a long daycare setting. Our aim is to provide each child with the fundamental skills ready for when they start Kindergarten. We want to achieve this by scaffolding their learning through play and providing them with a specialised individual education program.

The Big Treehouse Philosophy

The Big Treehouse Values

Team spirit, educators working alongside parents and families, building positive relationships so children can exceed in their learning both at home and at The Big Treehouse.

Happy and fun learning, through positive play and educational experiences. Establish and maintain community links.

Being, Belonging, and Becoming. At the Big Treehouse, we encompass this in each child’s uniqueness and through their learning experiences which will shape them into who they are and what they can become.
Intentional Learning through play.

Growth, through creating a learning environment whereby children can grow and develop socially, emotionally, cognitively and physically.

The Early Years Learning Framework will be implemented to provide all children with the opportunity to maximise their learning potential and develop a foundation for future success in learning.

Respectful, secure and reciprocal relationships will be maintained aiding in the development of confident children who feel respected and valued.

Environment and sustainability practises will be applied within the centre and taught to the children.

Extended Teaching Family. At The Big Treehouse we understand that parents and families are the children’s first and most influential teachers and we encourage the collaboration of parents and educators.

Healthy and nutritious meals will be provided by Kids Gourmet Food following national dietary guidelines and creating a positive mealtime environment.

Own family beliefs and values are respected and encouraged along with culture and diversity.

Understanding that each child is unique and as educators will acknowledge and affirm children’s efforts and growth in their learning.

Safe and Secure learning environment.

Engaging personalised learning play experiences through implementing the early years learning framework in each child’s learning program.

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